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4 elements spa by Althoff

„Pure Nature“ Althoff Schlosshotel Lerbach meets 4 elements spa by Althoff

Our Philosophy:
Your Beauty & Spa" experience is influenced by earth, fire, water, and air—the four elements that support complete health.

Earth nourishes our bodies.
Fire gives us energy.
Water offers a metaphor for our circulatory system.
Air provides us with the breath of life.

With the assistance of our competent team of spa professionals—who will help you select the perfect combination of our "Four Elements" treatments—you'll find balance, well being, and nourishment for body and soul.












The Earth Experience

The earth element is comprised of solid matter and minerals, such as stone and crystal, but also wood, metal and soil.


Experience Earth

The Fire Experience

The fire element contains the highest amount of vacillation—it swings from one impulse to another, a rapturous and roaring power that burns within us.

Experience Fire

The Water Experience

Water provides us with a cleansing strength. Life, like water, is constantly in motion. It flows to great depths and then to astounding heights.

Experience Water

The Air Experience

Along with the oxygen we need, air brings magic to our lives. The art of breathing—in and out— symbolizes the give and take of our existence.

Experience Air

The Massage and Body Experience

Oh, what a feeling! Go ahead and let yourself fall into dreamland—our therapists will catch you with experienced hands.

Body Experience

Beauty Rendezvous

Put on a Happy Face!
Before we proceed with your treatment our beauty experts will speak with you about your expectations and individual needs.

Beauty Rendezvous

Day Packages

We are glad to introduce you to our daily packages in our Beauty & Spa. Be inspired from our choice and we like to relax you and show you a other side of the daily routine.

day spa

Beauty Club Schloss Lerbach

Die Welt der Kosmetik und des Wohlfühlens. Freuen Sie sich über Vergünstigungen und herrliche Anwendungen.

beauty club

Spa Arrangements

Combine our varietey of offers from the 4 elements spa with an overnight stay arrangement in the Schlosshotel Lerbach.

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